Thursday June 28, 2007


Ladyv said...

wow! thats beautiful! your shot....mine is very strange! what is that sun-like pattern from?

Harmony said...

It is from my curtain!!
I don't think the duckies are weird - but maybe that is the mommyness in me talking :)

Angie Shultis said...

I love this idea! Inspires me to add some photos to my blog every now and again -- it has a writing focus, but seems to be visually lacking compared to fun blogs like this. Nice!

Sylvia C. said...

I love, Love, LOVE this concept.

I grew up in a small town, but now I live in the city.

I can SO relate to this.

I WILL be back

Sylvia C.

Harmony said...

Thanks for visiting Angie - I love adding pictures to my blog to illustrate meaning or to add some visual "prettiness"

Thanks for coming Syliva :) I love how you support all of my blogs!